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Whether you are a marketer, advertiser, SEO expert or simply love blogging, WordHero could be your ultimate solution when it comes to taking your content to another level. To some, this software is all about saving valuable time – providing more value for their time. To others, it is a powerful assistant that can generate ideas and content. Now, is it worth it?

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Quick WordHero overview

WordHero is basically trying to simulate human intelligence. It is an AI tool – a machine – that provides access to literally millions of ideas. Whether you need new ideas for your blog, more sophisticated words for your content or guidance for extra readability, WordHero comes in handy to solve all these issues.

There are more than 40 different tools for writing and the best part about it is new stuff is added on a regular basis. From emails and social media descriptions to ads and summaries, you can get everything done with just a few clicks. You can get a draft, a few ideas and even specify what you want to write about. The content is rich and written in a professional manner.

Now, you probably imagine that no robot can actually overcome actual human intelligence. So, is WordHero better than your own brain? This WordHero review will give you all the details you need.

Automatic proofreading

Automatic proofreading is definitely a plus. Whether your article is one page long or you write an ebook, WordHero can proofread it for you. Sure, you can do it yourself, but a different pair of eyes will spot potential mistakes much faster and more efficiently. Most commonly, the software will focus on spelling and grammar errors.

New copywriting ideas

If you are into sales, new ideas are mandatory to keep the audience engaged. WordHero will give you new ideas based on your specifications. You can get new product descriptions, articles, benefits and so on. Simply let the software know what you are interested in and it will generate the content and ideas automatically.

Marketing solutions

Whether you are out of ideas or you want to keep things fresh, WordHero can help with captions for your social media posts, headlines, descriptions and ads. Moreover, you can also set the software to write new marketing emails from scratch. New content is automatically taken through a proofreading process as well.

Blogging ideas and content

Whether it is a business or your personal blog, you can spawn unlimited suggestions regarding the content. You can generate titles and snippets. You can also come up with ideas if you want to write everything yourself for a more personal touch. But then, pretty much every WordHero review out there also praises the software capability to generate full articles.

How WordHero works

Once you get the subscription for WordHero, the software is quite intuitive and straightforward. Those who have used AI writing tools before might be aware of the functionality principles. If you are totally new to such things, you will get used to WordHero within minutes only. It has a simple interface, so finding the right tool is a matter of minutes only.

All in all, login to the software and you will get all the AI writing tools on the main screen. Even if you go into a particular tool, you can always go back to the home screen by clicking on the left corner logo. The other main screen you will use is the editor mode.

The screen can be accessed from the top left corner. It allows you to generate longer content, such as blog articles, emails and others. Finally, you also have a button for the history, so you can get back to everything you have generated so far. You can also generate more content and mix ideas together – it is only a matter of personal needs.

With more than 40 writing tools and new updates and templates on a regular basis, your imagination is the only limit. You can generate pretty much anything you can think of – from basic blog posts about your day to more technical content for professionals. You can give your work a personal touch anytime before using the proofreading tool to ensure there are no mistakes.

Who WordHero is for

WordHero is not the first AI writing tool out there, but definitely one of the newest additions to the market and an incredible option for various writers. Most commonly, it is suitable for marketers and social media managers. After all, they require lots of content on a regular basis. They can use WordHero to generate new ideas or content on a daily basis – correct and without the need to proofread it.

Entrepreneurs and business owners from various industries will also benefit from WordHero. Moreover, it is a great choice for article writers, as well as copywriters. Even if you want to write everything yourself (after all, WordHero is not very personal and cannot give you work a personal touch), the software can be used to proofread everything in a professional manner.

Furthermore, the AI tool is excellent for nonnative speakers. While they can write the content themselves, having it corrected by a professional tool will add to the quality standards. It does not replace writers and while it is well advanced when compared to other similar tools, some human edits may still be needed here and there.


  • Generates unlimited ideas and pieces of content
  • Easy to use with no experience
  • Can generate both small captions and long articles
  • Proofreading tools
  • Updated on a regular basis


  • Some human edits may still be needed every now and then


Bottom line, this WordHero review should give you a few hints about what to expect. It is an amazing software based on artificial intelligence and it can proofread your content and generate new content – from simple ideas to long articles. While you may still need to make adjustments to add a personal touch to the work, the software is among the most advanced technologies in the industry these days.​

Get WordHero Lifetime Deal (93% discount)

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