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2020-2022 (The service is offline)

Whether it comes to companies, self-employed professionals or just people interested in modern technologies, voice over algorithms represent a must. Most companies would rather hire voice over artists, who are actually great in advertising, but they come with big costs as well – plus, they also have some limitations.

Now, on the other hand, everyone is sick of those voice over robots that have spread like the plague over social media platforms. They sound anything but natural. It is the same voice and it almost feels annoying these days. Luckily, there are alternatives, whether you want someone to read a book for you or you need an assistant.

Introducing Updigital

Updigital is a platform to help with integrating high-quality audio and human-like voices into your ads, videos or anything else – you might as well need a voice for your TikTok videos. The software will provide a solid voice for your brand. There are more than 600 voices to choose from – from calm and peaceful to strong and dominant voices.

The data is given in both audio and written formats – it is a guarantee. Therefore, the software is fully featured for everyone out there. You can reach the respective content on your mobile device, get extra engagement and even improve the final results by putting a human voice on your ads – what can be better than that?

Text to speech (TTS) explained

Text to speech is a solid feature that will work wonders for a lot of individuals. For example, it is a good choice for those with vision impairment and other similar issues. Then, it is also handy for those who prefer to listen to something, rather than read it. After all, reading long chunks of content can be tiring, especially over a smartphone or other small-sized device.

Both publishers and content owners will appreciate the application. It allows making online content, but it is also available in a bunch of different languages. The best part about it? No matter which language you choose, the software is meant to read in the respective accent and phonetic rules, so there are no funny mistakes to worry about.

Free trial

You do not have to purchase the software and actually believe all the claims about it. Instead, unlike other similar programs, it comes with a free trial. You can give it a try, explore different languages and accents, try out different voices and overuse it to ensure it can handle some of the most sophisticated needs later on.

updigital review screenshot

Exploring features

Simplicity is flawless in this piece of software and it does it better than any other software. About three clicks will get you where you need – literally, three clicks are enough to start making the audio content you want.

In terms of languages, there are over 65 languages to choose from. With over 600 voices, you can also adjust the volume of the voice, not to mention the speed. You can also add a few pauses here and there, in case there is a pause in your video. Accents are just as diversified – plus, you have the possibility to tweak the content whenever you feel like it.

Updigital is primarily made for business purposes. Therefore, you are less likely to find kids using it for their TikTok videos or Instagram reels. From this point of view, expect high-quality voices and literally no issues whatsoever.

There was, however, a limit of 6,000 characters on the text. This is probably the most common complaint out there. However, this software has been recently updated and this limit has been removed. You now have unlimited characters. Paste your text and the software will read it out for you.

Becoming familiar with the interface

Updigital is simple and does not have any bells and whistles. It is easy to use and it does not require any experience. You can adjust audio files for pitch, speed or volume within a couple of seconds. No matter how you export the files, they are well documented.

Navigate through all the features in a few minutes. You will become familiar with everything in a day or two. There is plenty of customization and everything is intuitive and straightforward.

Furthermore, Updigital allows you to record your voice through script and studio readings. Audio hosting is another useful feature worth being mentioned. It is user-friendly and mostly suitable for those who need extra brand engagement.

Discovering the packages

Updigital stands out when it comes to the actual pricing as well. Most importantly, there are no hidden fees or payments. There are no surprise payments either. You pay once and that is it. There is no need for monthly subscriptions or yearly payments. Instead, once you pay for the app, you get lifetime support – simple as that.

There are various special offers regarding the prices, so they could vary – depending on when you actually decide to pay for it. Generally speaking, the app brings in good value for money because you spend your money once and get lifetime access.

The software can be used for free first, so you can explore the settings and voices. The free trial is definitely a plus. You will know exactly what to expect. If, however, you are not happy with the purchase, Updigital developers provide a 30-day money-back policy – no questions asked.


As a short final conclusion, Updigital is definitely worth some consideration. Again, this is a professional piece of software. It is not the funny AI software people use for their social media profiles and videos. Instead, it is mostly aimed at professionals who require high-quality voices for their marketing campaigns or projects.

Updigital has hundreds of voices, lots of different languages and accents. It is easy to use and allows you to create your own content within seconds only – three clicks. It offers excellent value for money and comes with a single payment requirement only – pay once and use it for a lifetime, with all the potential future updates and upgrades included in the price.

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