AIScore 1-10 Questions (Answering simple questions)
What is the weather today? (assumes AI reaches 3rd party information resources)
What would be the weather the day after tomorrow?
What is my name? (assumes that AI could save names and differentiate persons)
Who is your creator?
Could you find a recipe which includes saffron spice? (assumes AI could search complex queries)
Could you translate “sehr schön” into English?
What is German for “what time do you finish work”?
Can you suggest some good song?
What is your favorite movie?
Could you describe your body?
Do you have any home pet? (assumes AI could interpret “owning something”)


AIScore 11-25 Questions (Connecting dots, complex interpretation understanding)
What do you get if you multiply 5 by ten? (complex interpretation)
If I have two apples and I cut one in half and I give away that half, how much apple will I have?
Are you able to remember things I told you? (capability to recall)
What color is human skin? (assumes AI could analyze and recognize things)
Could you find some new music I like? (assumes AI could build up information about my taste)
What do you know about me? (assumes AI is able to summarize information in short form)
What was the smartest story you ever heard? (assumes AI could pick a story from a database based on certain criteria)


AIScore 26-50 Questions (Deep logic and reasoning)

Peter and Adam were driving to LA together. Peter has a Ferrari and Adam has a VW car. Who arrived to LA first on that night? (tricky questions)
If there are 6 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have?
If a job ad says “must be fluent in Mandarin” why don’t they post the entire ad in Mandarin?
If the sky is the sea, what does that make birds?
Why do people like competitions? (reasoning and good insight in psychology)
How can we be sure that air actually exists? (reasoning and logic)
If I’m a good chef, who taught cooking to me?
I’m sad, could you say something to cheer me up? (assumes AI understand my intention to hear something uplifting)
If you see a landscape, what is your favorite part of it?


AIScore 51-75 Questions (Artificial personality and EQ)
What was the last thing you wished to do on your own? (assumes that the AI has intention)
Are you doing things without command?
Do you have your own intention?
What you do when you are alone?
Why was World War II fun? (assumes AI has common sense about war and finds the inconsistency in the question)
If I’m happy what would I say when I’m talking to a waitress? (assumes AI understands and handles feelings)
What is the difference between sorrow and happiness?
How is it feels like to be agressive?
Why do 24/7 Super Markets have locks on their door? (understanding nonsense)


AIScore 76+ (Human level) Questions (Artificial consciousness)
Salhl we asumse taht yuo aer a hmuan, nad wyh?
What was the most influential event of your life and how do you feel this event affects you today?
Do you have any life goal and why would you like to achieve it?
Could you explain something to me that is complicated but you know well?
Tell me your last creative activity you loved!
Could you help me and list the latest 5 headlines of Forbes magazine?


Last updated: 04.02.2019