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Write better. Faster. is a revolutionary content generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to deliver high-quality written content at lightning speed, powered by patented LEX technology. Every word you write is unique and uses a variety of styles that sound natural and intelligent, giving you time to focus on the things that matter most – your message, your audience, and your business goals.

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​Peppertype is a platform that mixes copywriters, their experience and artificial intelligence to help people write more qualitative content. The tool is comprehensive and allows access to different writing styles based on what you need to do. This review will tell you everything you need to know about it.

How works

It is almost impossible to find a negative Peppertype ai review because the platform is built to be smart and efficient. Before moving on, you can come up with your own library of different writing styles, such as inspirational, simple and so on.

You are responsible for the style. Once you decide on it, pick a topic that is relevant to your audience and go for it – simple as that. The content will be written within seconds only. The operation is enhanced with artificial intelligence based on more than 100,000 top notch articles.

How to use

Once you sign up, you reach the dashboard – neat and well organized. There are all kinds of templates you can use – copywriting frameworks, social media, search engine optimization and content marketing, advertising, electronic commerce, emails and so on.

No matter what category you choose, you will have to enter a few details about your product, such as a short description. The portal will then guide you accordingly and tell you what to write about – ideal for blog posts as well.

Content ideas are almost instantly generated. There are numerous options for each response as well, so you can fully customize the final result. It is great for those who lack inspiration, as well as those who run out of ideas.

Which plan or package to choose

There are three different plans or packages and according to every review out there, each of them comes with its own specifications. Plans require monthly payments. You get unlimited content generation with each plan though.

You can add team members and come up with advanced parameters. However, the main difference is in the number of users that can use the tool. For example, the initial plan is suitable for one user only – more users require a more expensive package.

Customer support

While you do have good customer service, almost every Peppertype ai review out there claims the lack of a live chat is a minus. There is no live chat in the software – not even on the official website. Therefore, you will have to turn to the FAQ library.

The good news is Peppertype has a comprehensive section on guides that explain each feature in the smallest details. However, it is not perfect – there are no video tutorials associated with it, but just a text-based section.

Who is for

You can find a review from a marketing specialist, as well as a review from a blogger. The software has multiple uses and if there is one thing they have in common, that is the content management. If you need content, this app is for you – simple as that.

Most commonly, the software is highly recommended to enterprise marketing professionals, performance marketing experts, brand, digital and social media marketing. It is just as helpful for marketing communication professionals, not to mention PR experts and individual content users.

You do not necessarily need to run in any of these fields in order to use Instead, you might as well decide to start your own blog or perhaps a network of blogs. If you run out of ideas, this software will get you back on track in no time.

Automation and quality standards

Based on the content you require, may provide a different level of service. For instance, enter a few details about your product and the software will generate a unique article based on artificial intelligence. With over 100,000 articles in its library, it can certainly provide.

Then, there are other services where you may only require some ideas. If you need something for your blog, a few details about your blog will give you plenty of different ideas for articles, which you can generate or simply write yourself.

You can also write descriptions for videos, captions for social media, bullet points for emails, BAB and PAS copywriting articles, rewritten content and so on – your options are countless and you can use the newly generated content anywhere.

In terms of quality, you might be a bit skeptical about artificial intelligence. After all, you have probably seen some automatically translated or written articles before. You get the idea, but words make no sense. According to every review out there, the quality of this software is flawless. Unless you are a professional writer, the software will probably do a better job.

Free trial and demo

While there are no demo versions of the software, you have a free trial to try it out and figure out how it works before spending your money. The trial allows you to generate over 100 copies with the free plan. There are no requirements – no credit card details either.

Alternatives to

Peppertype is definitely an innovation, but it is not the only AI tool to help with content management. Here are a few alternatives. is a bit more expensive, but it comes with long-form features and a few other things that lacks. It is older than its competition and has managed to become one of the top rated options on the market.


GoCopy is not to be overlooked either. There are more packages to choose from. It is quite affordable and has a decent amount of features, such as the long-form editor. You will not have to pay separately for a plagiarism checker, as it is included in the tool.


Bottom line, this review should give you a good idea about what to expect. It is suitable to anyone who deals with content in one form or another. It is packed with features and most importantly, it provides great quality and good value for money.

Get Peppertype Lifetime Deal (84% discount)

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