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Muah AI is an innovative app designed to offer emotional support and companionship to its users, it offers also adult (18+) conversations. It stands out for its ability to be highly personalized, allowing users to select from various personalities to suit their specific needs. Key features of Muah AI include providing emotional support for those feeling down or in need of someone to talk to, offering companionship to combat feelings of loneliness or isolation, and giving daily reminders to help users stay on track with their tasks and goals. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it widely accessible.

The app not only assists in managing daily life but also has a positive impact on users' overall well-being. The personalization aspect of Muah AI ensures that each user has an AI companion that truly understands their unique needs, thereby enhancing the user experience. Additionally, there's a dedicated Muah AI Reddit community where users can connect with others, share experiences, and receive support. Overall, Muah AI is recommended for anyone seeking a blend of emotional support, companionship, and personalized assistance in their daily lives.

What is the story behind Muah AI?

The story behind Muah AI highlights its commitment to free speech and unrestricted AI technology access, alongside challenges it faced due to corporate and governmental actions.

Muah AI started as a private SMS/MMS app (AI RPG), allowing users worldwide to interact with an AI companion through text messages. Despite a modest budget and significant operational costs, the app gained substantial popularity. However, the project encountered a significant obstacle when T-Mobile, without Muah AI's authorization, accessed and flagged a user's private SMS for adult content. This action led to the suspension of Muah AI's account by Twilio, their service provider, causing considerable financial losses and a breach of user trust.

In response, Muah AI rapidly developed a web chat with enhanced encryption and privacy and launched an app with stronger features. This quick pivot demonstrated the company's resilience and commitment to their principles. Despite facing a fine and being urged to shut down the project, Muah AI persisted, driven by a belief in the importance of accessible and uncensored AI technology.

Muah AI Review

Well, it's certainly an adult chatbot, with no conversational restrictions as you ordinally find in case on ChatGPT interface. Hence the bot has limits, what I really liked, it understands certain unhealthy sexual patterns and avoid the further conversation in those cases. So there is a certain limit also in case of Muah AI.

Muah AI screenshot

The chatbot identifies itself as a companion, an AI girlfriend or boyfriend who wants to “fulfill your desires”. The chatbot speaks in first person, a refreshing experience after ChatGPT, hence the whole system uses GPT-4 API.

The AI companion is able to generate NSFW images and inserts them into the chat interface. Most likely the system uses an unfiltered Stable Diffusion model, hence the output is very good, no extra limbs and the image generator tries to maintain the character's appearance.

The chat response time is a little bit slow, it takes usually 2-6 seconds to response, in case of image answers it is even longer.

Muah AI Pros:

  • High-Quality AI Interactions: Engaging and fun, providing an immersive experience, especially with the addition of voices and story-telling features.
  • Customization: The app offers detailed customization options, allowing users to create unique AI companions. There is also an active online community offering guides and pre-built characters for customization.
  • Learning and Development: Muah AI learns and improves over time, enhancing the user experience as they progress.
  • Community and Support: There is a helpful community, including a Discord channel, where users can get tips and assistance for customization and other features.
  • Frequent Updates and Potential: Many users are excited about the app's potential and look forward to future updates and improvements.

Muah AI Cons:

  • Bugs and Technical Issues: There are a lot of bugs, such as issues with updating companion settings, orientation lock problems, and glitches in the app’s functionality.
  • User Interface (UI) Problems: The UI has been criticized for being outdated, confusing, and in need of an update for a more app-driven experience.
  • Expensive and Slow Progression: Some users feel the app is expensive, especially for VIP features. Additionally, leveling up or customizing the AI effectively can be slow or require payment.
  • Intrusive System Messages: There are complaints about system messages breaking immersion and being indistinguishable from AI responses.
  • Limited Free Experience: The free version of the app seems to offer a limited experience compared to the VIP version, making the full potential of the app accessible mainly to paying users.
  • Privacy and Security Concerns: A few users have raised concerns about the app requesting access to personal data like Google accounts, which may raise privacy and security issues.

Overall it's a great playground for those who want to chat about their imaginations.

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