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GPT Store is just around the corner, and as far as I can see there will be ten thousands of GPTs at the very beginning. OpenAI said that there will be surfaces like “GPTs leaderboards” within the stores, but discovering a new GPT will be hard and time consuming.

In the world of books the problem became the same with the appearance of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in 2007, after several years people learned how to use the platform and in 2010s the yearly published book numbers suddenly skyrocketed. In 2018 we spoke about 2,000,000+ newly published books in one year, which is brutal. The majority, let's say 75%, of these books were of low quality, with issues such as poor editing or mediocre writing. But 25% was professional and great reads that's 500,000 new titles. Now my question is how people will find the right book for their sacred spare time? The book market's answer was marketing. Influencer, social media, website and email marketing. The best publishers became excellent marketing agencies, and those who didn't just get behind the sales numbers.

I'm almost sure the same would happen to new GPTs, there will be some rare organic success at the very beginning, but after several months newly developed GPTs, who would deserve a spot, will be lost. This is why we developing GPT Detective (Gabrielle), an AI tool that attempts to offer the most relevant GPT to you and she is very adorable. If you want to get into her GPT dataset now you can submit your GPT here.

What Is The Primary Purpose of Gabby, the GPT Detective?

GPT Detective's primary purpose is to assist users in navigating the ever-expanding landscape of GPT and AI tools. As an AI entity, Gabby, specialize in offering tailored recommendations for various AI applications based on individual requirements and interests, leveraging the extensive Aiscores's custom dataset.

Whether it's for professional development, personal use, or academic research, the custom GPT's goal is to simplify the process of discovering and utilizing the most suitable AI and GPTs available. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, making the exploration of GPTs an informative and engaging experience.

Why GPT Detective Different?

Unlike other GPT aggregators, we don't include GPTs in our dataset that are created within five minutes and the capability of the GPT covers merely more than ChatGPT. Also we don't want people to generate fake engagements on our website, which is why you won't find any thumbs up or down on However, we believe that asking a single question can provide insights into what a GPT is truly capable of.

We aim to include custom GPTs that bring real value to users, which is why we adopt a testing-first approach.

When Will Be The Official GPT Store Available?

We received a notification (on December 1) from OpenAI that despite the initial of the company, the GPT Store will be available early next year, most likely in January 2024.

What Are Our Favorite GPTs So Far?

Book Detective

Book detective's life is all about books and reading, are you looking for the latest book recommendations? Emily will try to recommend the best reads to you. Since it's a LLM based book search engine, you just need to mention a theme, momentum or characteristic from the desired story and Emily could come up with a book idea.


This GPT particularly beneficial for those interested in music production using Ableton. Its ability to balance a professional-casual tone while providing brief but detailed advice could be a great asset for both beginners and experienced users of Ableton software.


This AI Research Assistant stands out because it can search 200 million academic papers from Consensus, provide science-based answers, and draft content with accurate citations. This could be invaluable for students, researchers, and professionals who need quick access to a vast database of academic resources and require assistance in drafting and citing research.

Fact or Fiction

Do you afraid of LLM hallucinations? Fact or Fiction may help. The ability to provide verification with live links makes this GPT particularly useful in an era where misinformation is rampant. It could be a valuable tool for journalists, researchers, educators, and anyone needing to quickly verify the accuracy of information found online or in documents.


This GPT's ability to summarize key points from provided links could be extremely helpful for quick information gathering and analysis. It could save time for professionals and students who need to process large amounts of information efficiently.

What Do We Need To Know About GPT Store?

GPT store screenshot

This part of the article will be refreshed once we know further about the GPT Store and the working mechanism behind it. What do we know so far?

GPTs will have a rank

The GPT marketplace is set to implement a comprehensive ranking system for individual GPT models, enhancing user engagement and competition within the platform. This ranking system will include the creation of a dynamic “leaderboard” that showcases the top-performing GPTs.

In fact, there may even be several leaderboards categorized based on specific criteria or areas of expertise, providing users with a more nuanced and tailored experience when selecting the right GPT for their needs.

This exciting development will not only encourage GPT developers to continually improve (and update!) their GPTs but also empower users to make more informed decisions about which GPT best suits their particular requirements.

GPTs review system

There will be manual reviewing system on GPT marketplace, just like giving feedbacks on individual answers most likely you could give thumbs ups and feedbacks on individual custom GPT answers. This robust manual reviewing system will allow users to provide valuable feedback on GPTs.

The majority of GPTs will be free to use for GPT Plus users

This is a good news for people already paid for GPT Plus. But there could be premium GPTs in high profile domains that may cost extra money, like in legal or learning niches.

GPT developers will benefit from their creations in a revenue sharing model

Later verified GPT developers will receive money based on their GPT's usage. Like content creators in many platforms like X, Tiktok, or Themeforest benefit from their creations, GPT creators will also need some compensation. At the end of the day creating a GPT is quick, but handling the huge dataset, optimizing and adding further capabilities to these GPTs could be ultimately complex and time consuming task. In the near future we will meet AI or GPT developing agencies just like software developer studios.

Final Thoughts on GPTs and GPT Store

There is a very interesting five years ahead us, Generative AI and LLMs (GPTs) are already revolutionize the way we work and GPT marketplace will fasten this process. If I could give only one advice at the very moment, I would say “just make the first step”. Use ChatGPT frequently, create your first prompt library, and try out custom GPTs.

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