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Meet Hexomatic: your personal data extraction and work automation expert. It is an artificial intelligence-based product handcrafted to provide simple data extraction without any coding experience. For this Hexomatic review, let’s see if this is the right tool for you.

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What will impress you the most is the general approach to data gathering: Harvesting everything, (texts and images included) and then, let the user choose what is useful. This app is apt to browse through links in a page, meaning it is perfect where multiple chains web scraping is needed.

A Hexomatic Review of its Top Features

Besides the automation process itself, there are many advanced features that Hexomatic offers that benefits its users in many interesting, and sometimes unique, ways. Here is a list of the features that stand out for users:

  • Simultaneous running workflows
  • Export to CSV and Google Sheet
  • Notification to Telegram, Slack, Email
  • Access to community scraping automation recipes
  • Scheduling
  • Access residential proxies
  • Automation credits
  • Datacentre IP rotation
  • Create automation recipe
  • API

Hexomatic offers different features that best fit the needs of a particular class of user. They are divided into four plans, each crafted to meet the needs of the size, nature, and interest of the business.

You can instantly access data from multiple targets within your email. By using this data extraction tool, you can bulk enrich your lists with one click by accessing prospects across the web. That way you can easily build prospect lists and other information.

Application of Hexomatic Data Automation Features

This data extraction and work automation platform is a potent tool in the world of business today. The internet is littered with an endless sea of data people are failing to use, which is useful for those who know its worth.

Hexomatic allows users to obtain data they need, regardless of the difficulty of obtaining it. That means your business can gain access to high-quality leads for your product or service. The top sales teams use data scraping tools like Hexomatic to locate B2B and B2C contact and company details.

Besides shortening the discovery of new leads, Hexomatic will also help you close more deals. A lot of customers pay monthly subscription fees to get updates on items on their watchlist. Stock prices or product price drops are a few examples of business ventures you can grow with this tool.

If you are thinking of taking your business to the next level, think Hexomatic. It allows you to create an industry-specific search engine like Google for real estate. That way you can access industry-specific information among the typical information displayed on Google.

Steps to Scrap Data Using Hexomatic

Hexomatic offers an impressive data extraction experience. It is supported in this process with visually impressive UI. It comes with a visual operation pan that is clean, attractive, and extremely user-friendly.

Important aspects of this data automation platform like creating new tasks, accessing the dashboard, quick filters, viewing task history, and contact support fall under the left-side menu. The extraction process itself is also simple and executed effectively with no coding needed.

To extract data from other websites on Hexomatic, here is everything you need to do:

  • Step 1: Enter the URL of the target website or webpage
  • Step 2: Select the relevant data to extract
  • Step 3: Run the data extraction process and follow the progress on the platform

The crawling process is that simple, and accessing the results in easy on the dashboard. A user can also extract and share the extracted data with teams in CSV and Google Sheet. For easier management of data extraction tasks, the platform allows you to assign groups.

Why your Business needs Hexomatic Data Automation

It is the easiest way to grow a business online. Hexomatic offers great features to help you conceive remarkable ideas for your business and outrank competitors. Instead of checking Google SERPs, you can extract only relevant information into a CSV file.

Reaching your ideal future client should sell it all, but monitoring your biggest competitors is important to keep up with the industry. These are the reasons why business owners say they love Hexomatic. It is a must-have tool to advance your business in a data-oriented world.


  • No coding experience needed
  • Easy email validation
  • Data scraping scheduling
  • Perfect for team collaboration
  • Visually impressive interface


  • Few learning resources for creating recipes
  • Does not extract in Excel and TXT

Who is Hexomatic Best for?

There is a plethora of benefits of using Hexomatic, all of which combined make it the best data extraction and work automation tool in existence. With no coding required, anyone can start a data extraction project on this platform, irrespective of the size of the task.

With Hexomatic, small teams and individual business owners can collaborate with others on lead generation projects to convert more prospects and create new business products. It is as simple as point, click, and extract, and then send it to clients as a new product.


There are a lot of tools that are designed to eliminate the manual, time-consuming work of sorting through data and multiple websites. Hexomatic bills itself as the best data automation tool, but here are other alternative apps for your consideration:

  • io
  • OutWit Hub
  • ParseHub
  • Web Scraper

While these are some of the top data extraction tools, this list does not imply that Hexomatic is inferior. They each have an area of excellence and unique features to eliminate the manual factor from the data extraction equation.

The Final Word

Simplicity and straightforwardness: Hexomatic is an impressive tool. However, it is not built for high-difficulty level scraping like bypassing CAPTCHAs. It is working in progress and this Hexomatic review determines it to be the best with room for improvement.

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All in all, Hexomatic was destined to be the best data scraping tool for small business. It is very generous with its comprehensive features, and is super easy-to-use and even smoother to operate. To sum it up, it is making it easier for business owners to stay on top of things.

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