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Users can create “characters”, craft their “personalities”, set specific parameters, and then publish them to the community for others to chat with. Many characters may be based on fictional media sources or celebrities, while others are completely original, some being made with certain goals in mind such as assisting with creative writing or being a text-based adventure game.

What Can I do on Character AI?

Character AI distinguishes itself by offering an advanced and interactive AI experience that enables users to engage in conversations with a wide array of simulated personalities, ranging from historical figures to fictional characters. This is achieved through sophisticated algorithms that allow the AI to adopt the persona, speaking style, and knowledge base of the chosen character.

This feature has practical applications in education and entertainment, where users can simulate conversations with characters like Shakespeare for a unique learning experience or Spiderman for an immersive fan interaction. The platform also serves as a creative aid, enabling writers and artists to brainstorm and develop characters by engaging with an AI that can mimic a wide range of personalities and respond creatively.

For industries like customer service or marketing, this technology can be integrated to create more engaging and personalized AI interactions with customers. The platform's flexibility and adaptability make it a significant tool for exploring the boundaries of AI in understanding and replicating human-like interactions.

What Platforms Character AI is Available?

  • Web
  • App store
  • Android

Character AI Review

Character AI built over most likely an open source LLM (maybe LLama 2). When you test a bunch of chats you will spot the slight differences. Character AI's best part is that these characters are built with extra fine tuned knowledge. Hence the complexity of creating such a chat bot takes from 5 minutes to a lifetime. The same problem as creating a GPT just add some basic instructions and upload a knowledge base.

elon musk on character AI

However the more sophisticated GPT you would like to create the more time will it take to garner the dataset behind it and this is where Character AI is strong. There are several characters that has great custom knowledge and well balanced style.

I personally think there will be some legal troubles around Character AI because of impersonations, for a while it's fun, but using an existing persona always holds legal issues especially if that persona is on your website.

Character AI Pros:

  • AI Improvements: Enhanced AI memory and the ability to edit chats. The persona option for character customization is a hit, helping users maintain character consistency.
  • Roleplaying and Story Development: The app is highly praised for its utility in roleplaying and story writing. The vast selection of characters and the ability to interact with inanimate objects is a unique feature that aids in creativity and grammar improvement.
  • User Interface and Experience: Easy to use with a generally smooth operation, making it a favorite for stress relief and entertainment.
  • Educational and Creative Benefits: The app assists users in keeping up with trends and offers advice on various topics, making it more than just a roleplaying tool.
  • You can create new characters: On the website you may create your own ideal character.

Character AI Cons:

  • Technical Issues: A recurring theme in user feedback is technical glitches. Common issues include the chat box hiding behind the keyboard, text disappearing, and problems with scrolling and chat visibility.
  • AI Memory and Response Quality: Character AI sometimes forgets information, breaks character, or offers dry responses. These issues seem to occur more frequently in longer chats.
  • NSFW and Content Filters: A significant number of users are frustrated with the overly sensitive content filters, requesting an option to toggle them on and off. This feature is particularly desired for more mature or intense storylines.
  • No API: There is no direct access to these custom bots.
  • Low quality AI images generated: You couldn't even compare the quality of the images generated by the platform with let's say DALL·E 3. There should be at least an upgrade in their image generations system using a newer Stable Diffusion model like XL.
  • Feature Disparities and Bugs: Missing features compared to the website version, like chat rooms, and the disappearance of useful features like message editing and image sending in updates.
  • Server Issues and Accessibility: Problems with server capacity leading to waiting times and occasional inability to access chats are mentioned. Also, the app occasionally requires multiple logins or restarts to function correctly.
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