Amazon Echo is an intelligent personal assistant that lets you control your world with your voice. Alexa can play music, answer questions, create lists, and give timely notifications—instantly.

You can ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) to add items to your shopping list. It is like having a personal assistant that you can speak with, and she will keep track of all the things you need to buy. With this device, you no longer have to remember where you left the grocery list, or search your phone for coupons – everything is at your fingertips!

Amazon Echo1 min read
9.5 AI Score
  • Standalone device, no other device required
  • Music playback and genres
  • 360º hands-free voice control interface
  • Cons
  • Limited command base
  • No learning algorithm
  • Summary
    Amazon Echo is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. The device consists of a 9.25-inch (23.5 cm) tall cylinder speaker with a seven-piece microphone array. The device is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. - Wikipedia
    AI Score8